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خبر و رسانه

18    Sonia Balassanian (b. 1942)

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Art Title : Expanese of Calm

Signature: “SONIA BALASANIAN 2014” in English (on the reveres)
oil on canvas
174×172 cm
Executed in 2014


500 - 700 Million IRR

Price realized

1,200,000,000 IRR

About Art Work

Rarely does someone pay attention to details in a general context. A general idea is usually what draws attention, engraved on the memory as a memorable image, while the components are overlooked to create the whole in an instant.

Detailed forms of traditional architecture are fascinating, penetrating into my soul. I see endless forms of constructed monuments on walls, domes, and columns. This illustrated collection, to me, is creating a marvelous state of a uniform eternity and equilibrium, whimpering, and enjoyment.

Introduction of fine details in the center of attention and spreading them onto an apparently infinite expanse is creating a mysterious, philosophic space that is coming into “being”.