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خبر و رسانه

10    Hossein Mahjoubi (b. 1930)

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Art Title : Remembrance of a Magnificent Tree of Sweden’s Autumn

Signature: “H. Mahjoubi” in Farsi and “H.Mahjoubi 2005” in English (lower left)
oil on canvas
120×80 cm
Executed in 2005


300 - 400 Million IRR

Price realized

400,000,000 IRR

About Art Work

Hossein Mahjoobi holds a special place among Iranian painters who represent trees and natural scenes. As the work in view clearly indicates, his trees are neither pure representations of the nature nor free from perspective and tonality – as in Persian painting. Although in representing trees and horses that trot euphorically across meadows in the spring time, Mahjoobi has traditional Persian painting in the back of his mind, his works possess unique qualities that diminish the influence of Persian painting to a totally fluid and free interpretation. In fact, Mahjoobi is the painter of a dreamlike landscape and promised Eden that exist only in imagination.

Drawing a huge, green tree, Mahjoobi is capturing the center of the picture, turning the entire painting into a far-fetched dream by planting elements that match a lush green, hopeful nature. It is a dream similar to promises of holy books made to heavenly people. A cattle of frisky horses are trotting in the foreground, slowly disappearing into the landscape. Small birds are nested on a huge tree. We can even hear them chanting if we listen carefully.

Generally speaking, Mahjoobi makes use of a captious, enchanting quality as well as tempting, colorful and transparent tones that project light across his canvas, and depicts his dreams by illustrating unbridled horses running to every corner seeking freedom. Similar to age-old Iranian paintings, light in some of his works possess a radiating quality, while in others, it indicates focal points of sunrise and sunset. Successful combination of light and color in Mahjoobi’s work exhibits climatic identity, thus a work shows cold autumn, while another one here reveals vitality of spring and growth.