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خبر و رسانه

17    Mehrdad Sadri (b. 1944)

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Art Title : Untitle

Signeature: “SADRI 05” in English (lower right)
oil on canvas
120×200 cm
Executed in 2005


300 - 400 Million IRR

Price realized

500,000,000 IRR

About Art Work

Mehrdad Sadri, with his unique selection of colors and abstract calligraphy, creates works whose conceptual imagery is quite simply exciting. In his works, including the one on display here, the unifying point is unclear and, through an inner ambiguity, the viewer is enticed to partake in solving a puzzle or unraveling a mystery. In reality his work speaks to the unspoken, yet Sadri extends an invitation to the viewer to participate in the conversation.

Mehrdad Sadri grew up in a traditional Iranian home. He left Iran to study at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where he majored in decorative arts. After graduating he stayed on as faculty for many years. With this East/West life experience he is able to create pieces that are familiar to both cultures and to add his own unique philosophy of art. Life in a traditional Iranian environment nurtured an Eastern aestheticism within him, and his time in Vienna introduced him to the complexities of classical Western literature. These influences allowed him to create exceptional works that extend beyond normal limits and exigencies.

The main elements seen in this piece by Sadri on display are bands, ribbons, folds and thread. The ribbons and bands along with their colorful patterns induce a sort of optical illusion, a sense of interwoven randomly folded cloth that forms a mysterious network. When interacting with Sadri’s art, the viewer always faces a fresh challenge to search for meaning. He uses different hues to create a story and a sequence of feelings, with lively and vibrant colors as indicators of deep emotion, while associating the light waves of color through motion and evolution amidst the shadows.