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خبر و رسانه

7    Bijan Rafati (b. 1944)

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Art Title : Rara Avis

Signed “Rafati 2000” in English (lower right)
mixed media on fiberboard
108×71 cm
Executed in 2000


400 - 600 Million IRR

Price realized


About Art Work

The present work titled the Bird of Bliss, with a highly geometric structure and an abstract expression, is a work of mixed media on foam board. Although the application of paint is limited, a tiny patch of sensational fading warm color in the middle enhances the contrasting effect of the work. Thus the colorful section of the work that is a spontaneous product of fluid, viscous paint, emanates the pleasant warmth of a remote sun, and makes us discover an unexplored world of a black hole. Texture is quintessential here, because in the absence of intense colors, texture will enhance the emotional effects of the work. The original title of the work, Rara Avis, which is translated as the Bird of Bliss, is a Latin term that describes a strange person or object. The term was later assigned to rare, mythical birds. A bird of bliss in Iranian culture has always been associated with splendor and good fortune. As this work is from a collection titled Colosseum, we can identify a semantic connection between various cultures; a culture that, on the one hand, signifies freedom and glory and on the other, points to a repressed historic rage. The Colosseum was originally a large amphitheater in ancient Rome, witnessing unspeakable scenes of fury and destiny. The connection between the title of the work, the title of the collection, and formal qualities of the work may suggest a conceptual and architectural interpretation. Bijan Rafati participated in the Christie’s Dubai auction in October 2007.