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خبر و رسانه

58    Farideh Lashai (1944-2013)

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Art Title : Untitle

Signed “Farideh Lashai 75” in Farsi (lower left)
oil on canvas
130×100 cm
Executed in 1996


2,500 - 3,500 Million IRR

Price realized

4,500,000,000 IRR

About Art Work

The present painting belongs to one of the most brilliant periods of Farideh Lashai’s career. Representational trees and landscapes of earlier periods enjoy more freedom in terms of color and brushstrokes in this period.

Farideh Lashai’s work is the product of a romantic approach inspired by the very spirit of artistic creation in which the act of painting has a preference over the painting itself. Her art is neither a complicated world of pictures nor a report on life and nature. It is merely a sweet, painterly poem that conveys an obscure, poetic feeling to her audience. This sentiment is strongly evident in the contrast of colors, vigor of lines, and exciting rhythm of visual elements. Impulsive, quick brushstrokes, pure compositions of color, indifference to the principles of representation, and a kind of disengagement from standard formal and aesthetic principles are typical qualities of her work. More than being an indication of a certain methodology in her work, all these qualities serve to promote simplicity, jubilation, and vigor in the creation of the artworks. All these qualities make Lashai’s work, unlike works of many fellow artists, appear to be living within the painting rather than painting a scene from life.

Her style of painting is soft, quick, excited, and extremely indecipherable. Her boisterous brushstrokes run across the canvas seamlessly, as if the artist created the work in a single sweep. Nevertheless, planes or even color spots are given short shrift in Farideh Lashai’s paintings, and the entire canvas is an expanse for an unbridled mass of lines. Although these lines evidently point to natural landscapes, forests, and trees, they are presenting an inherently abstract quality. In many of her works, fluid lines vaguely bring to mind elements of nature such as trees. Nonetheless, all the imaginary pictures in her paintings are metamorphosed in an environment of free-moving, restless lines. Sometimes a mass of lines occupy the entire canvas, but their absence creats a vacuum across the canvas at times as if the entire picture is depicting a barren place with no lines.

A mass of evident brushstrokes in the current work seem to present a mass of confused, unconscious lines at first glance. However, a closer look at the work reveals her skill in presenting a formally minimalized landscape. The artist’s genius is evident in this lighthearted play that vacillates between skillfully produced lines of a formal painting and excited, uncontrolled brushstrokes. It is not clear if trees appear from amidst a mass of lines or a pile of scattered lines is trying to hide the trees! In the same way, it is not clear if an abstract space is distorting a form or a form is distorting an abstract plane! Thus a delusive world is created that brings to mind our clamorous, unknown world. Lashai says, “… To me, nature evokes a fundamental sense of life, a sense we experience in love. Re-creation of nature evokes emotions, thus enabling me to connect to my inner self.”[1]

[1] Lashai, Farideh, interview with Haft Magazine, No. 19, March 2005