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خبر و رسانه

17    Iran Darroudi (b. 1936)

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Art Title : Untitle

Signed “IRAN DARROUDi” in English (lower left)
oil on canvas
77×68 cm
Executed in 1969

- Iran Darroudi 1959-1973 (p.81); 1973.


1,000 Million IRR

Price realized

1,000,000,000 IRR

About Art Work

Works of Iran Darroudi present a personal and occasionally feminine interpretation of triumph and defeat in the tumultuous life of mankind which is full of hopes and expectations. The present work shows a foggy landscape with a hazy, dream-like atmosphere which is an expression of the artist’s restless, feminine spirit. Abstract spaces visualize shattered pieces of reality from within their mysterious strata, and reveal the astonishment of the painter’s experiences of war and exile in an innovative way.

Darroudi’s singular vision of landscape painting has created a personal style that allows spectators to simply distinguish her works from that of her fellow painters. Depth of field and absence of any background line in the present work create an infinite space that connects the sky to the earth, and beyond which exists an ethereal world. The dewy atmosphere of the painting leads the mind to a dream-like, surrealist world. Her work is a borderline between being and non-being, and a priori and a posteriori that takes the audience’s mind to a surrealist world. By avoiding realist landscape painting, Darroudi tries to escape the material world to reach a utopia that is yearning for calm and peace. “Time” in this endless space tends to slant toward infinity.

Another evident quality of Darroudi’s work is the element of movement. The excitement that emanates from the fluidity of her brush appears in different tones of colors that mix together. Flowers in the painting betoken, as the blazing flames of fire do, presence in the moment that emancipates the soul from stagnation and death.

Flowers, omnipresent in Darroudi’s work, symbolize femininity, immortality and hope. They verge on abstraction to get further away from the world of reality; spectacular flowers that can grow and reproduce anywhere between the earth and sky. In her work, flowers and light are harbingers of immortality and enigma