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خبر و رسانه

58    Koorosh Shishegaran (b. 1945)

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Art Title : Untitle

Signature: “Shishegaran 65” in Farsi (lower left)
acrylic on canvas
120×200 cm
Executed in 1986


2,000 - 3,000 Million IRR

Price realized

2,400,000,000 IRR

About Art Work

Although Shishegaran experienced different periods throughout his career, the present example typically introduces his distinctive style; a collection that began in the 1980s with endless twists of line and color and culminated in a mass of diverse figurative and abstract forms. The present work conspicuously demonstrates Shishegaran’s knowledge and skill in application of line and its potential capacity in visual expression. In addition to the strength of lines, other thought-provoking qualities of the work include induction of visual depth and enormity; a kind of meaningful complication that while is endowed with contemporaneity and present-day complexity, suggests a polar contrast.

A mass of stripped lines with no clear beginning and end captures beholders like an engrossing, mesmerizing labyrinth that draws them into the depth of a secret, inaccessible maze. The work is everywhere and nowhere. It makes an appearance in the absence of a focal point across a complex arena. Intertwined, fluid lines in Shishegaran’s work often lead to portraits or meaningful forms. The present work, however, is an exception that remains purely abstract to the end.

Shishegaran takes advantage of curved, confused and vigorous lines both to depict the state of modern man and to excavate from beneath layers of meaning the potential strength of paint and inform spectators of the power of picture. The space he thus creates is an interpretation of the modern world and an intricate mass of perplexity amid a multitude of meanings. Similar to many abstract paintings of this kind, decorative quality and visual energy of twisting lines in Shishegaran’s painting are translated into an explicit, powerful expression. Meaningful, targeted movements begin in the deeper layers of the picture, then become almost visible, and return halfway to their original point. In fact, meaning reaches a zero point that alludes to the integrity of the work.

It can be said that accident and spontaneity in Shishegaran’s play with lines is absolutely calculated and adheres to a specific order amid chaos. Unlike random application of paint by abstract painters, the structure of lines that produce deliberate, solid compositions, reveals a logical geometry as in architecture, similar to arrangement and structure of melodious tones.

Shishegaran’s sapience and serious innovation brought him prominence and reputation in Iranian contemporary art. He is a distinct example of artists whose record-setting works – far from material application of exotic appeal of oriental art – enjoy a domestic market in Iran. A work from this collection was sold for $161,100 at Christie’s Dubai auction, October 2014.