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خبر و رسانه

8    Nosratollah Moslemian (b. 1951)

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Art Title : Untitled from thePortrait series

signature: “Moslemian 86” in Farsi and “2007” in English (lower left)
oil on canvas
150 × 150 cm
executed in 2007


300 - 400 Million IRR

Price realized

750,000,000 IRR

About Art Work

Moslemian’s evocative paintings echo the ambivalence and uncertainty central to the Iranian contemporary society. Faces directly address the viewers and challenge them by their active gaze. At the heart of an expansive field of yellow colour, a female figure recites the artist’s inner Requiem in a symbolic language. Colour is of a lyrical and perceptive value, playing a dynamic role in the whole narrative. The forms are symbolic and expressive in nature, never limiting the fluency and confidence of the application of paint material.
These paintings might be seen as an embodiment of the social, political and aesthetic preoccupations of the artist. Thus they engage the viewer with social, political or ontological issues. The artist skillfully employs his brilliance in technical terms to communicate an intricate humane and social situation. Many of Moslemian’s paintings are therefore a materialization of tensions and conflicts of contemporary being, incessantly referring and drawing attention to otherwise disregarded facts. They best exemplify the power of an image to capture existential and sentimental meaning.
Moslemian’s canvases contain complex imagery and manifest a quest of various techniques and styles, on the edge of figuration and abstraction. In his portraits, Moslemian clearly defies the laws of representation. A game with polysemic concepts of tragedy and despair prevail his entire oeuvre, expressed in bitter, satirical figurative forms. His portraits seem to move towards the viewer, but at the same time they recede and stress the distance.